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Logic of the politics of Kremlin and when will fall the regime of FSB-fascists?? Or escalation of Cold War and total degradation

  Logic of the politics of Kremlin and when will fall the regime of FSB-fascists?? Or escalation of Cold War and total degradation of human rights in the world.

This question is devided on sub-questions:

1) How Kremlin can so illogically destroy by the war economics of Russia ??

2) When will fall the fashistic regime of FSB (Russian special service) in Russia??

3) When Putin will stand in the Criminal Tribunal (for example in the ICC in Den Haag) or will be ruined by the tired people of Russia ??
These questions are necessary to write in correct form:

A) Does Kremlin has any border line for lawlessness and repressions to which it's ready to put down the people of Russia ???

B) How much does the mafia FSB control the force/economical and political kacks for repression of sociaty and destruction of any social and political threats to their regime ???

C) Is there any proofed resistance against the fascism of FSB in Europe and are the USA able to unite democratic countries in fight against the criminal fascists of Kremlin ??

A) The meaning of every power is in it's full dominance and presence of instruments of force. I.e. police, courts and jails are for support of security of power. At the same time, existed laws are used exclusively for regulation of the rules and borders for !!! sociaty.

All listed above exist in free, and in fascistic, and in dictatorship countries as well. The difference is only to whom belongs power in this state and which goals does it have.

For example, democratic state looks after taxes, security and functioning of social, political and other systems in sociaty, i.e. security of democratic state is equal to security of sociaty itself.

Dictator state (DS) does the same, but fully controlls political and force right in the arms of one clan — in the interests exactly of THIS clan and with damage to sociaty. At the same time, there's no possibility to avoid corruption, political repressions and conflicts (with other states of with national groups inside their country). DS has two ways of development — or resurraction in new dictatorship, or growing till fascistic state. In the last instance, existing dictator has to destroy competitors, to strengthen female screws and to enlarge internal terror and repressions.

«Strengthening of female screws» - used trick of dictators for suppression of protests. But inevitable following fact is: or «breaking of screw» - protest of citizens, or «female screw breakes by itself» - turn in the upper level. In the both instances dictor's clan try to safe it's power — clan can change dictator (like this happened in Egypt after putting out Mubarak and Mursi), like this happened in the North Korea by secret turnings, and so will happen in Russia through another falsified elections...

At the same time, in Russia for already few times dictator was changed in the interests of the powerful clan of KGB — the president B.Elzin we imagine as a democrat and «builder of new Russia». But in real B.Elzin was a party functionary, and his anti-communistic views were only that «bogy» which mafia of «young people of KGB» throuw to the people for making a new screw — commercial dictatorship of KGB on the place of party nomenclatur KPSS. Just young criminal Cheka people succeed to take power and property from idea communists and Cheka people of old barm. But in Belorussia have power exactly «old cheka people».

Similarly in 1990 while unification of Germany, the party cheka people of GDR succeed to avoid lustration — more than 90% of all criminal cases in the united FRG were closed before the court...Many of the cases in the court on the officials of Stasi were broken in the court.. Only 135 cases finished with accusational charge — conventional terms or minimal punishments in 1-3 years of prison. For example, immortal chief/executioner of Stasi Erich Milke got only 3 years of conventional term for the murder of police officer in 30th (that time E.Milke was in communistic underground against the Nazi Reich) German femida didn't find any other crimes of the executioner E.Milke 0 Milke succeed to live till his death in his elite Stasi flat in Berlin...I'm writing about FRG of today !!! (I just hint :)).

Examples of dictators states: Belorussia, many of the Asian countries, of Africa and Middle East. The difference between these states and fascistic states is weak development of it's sociaties and absence of necessity to pass to more rough repressions (i.e. the level of roughness of dictator regime is not extremely high). But the level of dictatorship of these states can sometimes approach to fascistic regimes. Therefore we often mistake when we hope on any «warm» in dictator state — zigzags of dictator from strengthening of repressions till lightening of regime is only «knout and honey cake» for suppresion and ruling over sociaty. I.e. any dictator will never refuse from his regime and is always ready to pass to strengthening of regime till the level of fascism (in details about it in the other post).

Fascistic state — is a «developed» variation of dictator state which is on the extreme stage of it's existance. Any dictator has to support strong pressure inside the country — it can be achieved by propaganda, search of outside and inside enemies and heroization of own heroes. Heroes by themselves are glorified in the same level in which they claim enemies — IT'S A PROPAGANDA, AND WITHOUT HEROES THERE'RE NO ENEMIES (...and no fascistic regimes)!!!

Fight with enemies demands reality of their catching and punishment — therefore repressions are getting wider all the time. Step by step in the list of enemies they write more and more various categories of citizens — by political, social and national sign. In such occasions as enemies are claimed till half of population of the country (despotic authorities need enemies by definition and the list of enemies could not be finished !!!) - this phase is an extreme level of repressions (civil war or genocide). We saw such thing in Irak of Saddam Hussein, in Canbodgi, Livia, North Korea...and in Stalin's USSR.

Important — in fascistic state the level of violence achieves it's extremum. Therefore the number of enemies has to be sufficient for wide repressions and support of totalitarian ideology **********
Kinds of Genocide: class, religious, ethnical, political.

- As class fascists were communists of the USSR, Kambodgy (red kckmers), China, North Korea and other red regimes — supporters of Kremlin.

- As religious fascists are jihadists of all kinds — from Taliban and Al-Kaida till ISIS and Boko Haram. Mutual fight between Shii and Sunny is religious fascism as well.

- As ethnical fascists are any Nazi and activists of ethnical cleanings: and Hitlerists, and Japanese militaries of the World War II, and Turkish of the beginning of 19th century (genocide of Armenians), and Hezbollah of Lebanon (destruction of Arabs-Christians and Druzs) — here we can see a mix of religious and ethnical fascism, aqnd anti-Jewish terror of Hamas on the money and with weapon of KGB USSR/FSB RF. Also as ethnical fascists were leaders of Ugoslavian republics in 90th.

- The main political fascists are Kremlin. But the term «criminal fascists» is more clear, because criminal became political mean of Kremlin, and we have to consider mafia KGB-FSB as political fascists. Political fascism manipulates by the biggest objects for terror and strengthening of it's power — by the whole countries !!! It's the biggest and the most difficult-constructed fascism. Such political fascists were Stalin and Lenin, Hitler and communistic USSR, today is Putin — they were using totalitarian manipulations (war, terror and genocide) for strengthening of their power and suppression of any other points of power in the controlled territories. I.e. no dependant from political fascist state could not have independant politics — we remember Third Reich, line Berlin-Rome-Tokyo, and «countries-friends of the USSR»...Today we know about «Great Halifat» of ISIS and about Eurasian Union of Putin.

We see — Kremlin of today is the highest building of political fascism over other pro-fascistic and dictator regimes all over the world.
All political and criminal intentions of Kremlin today are based on the old clients of KGB USSR.

For improvement of it's political fascism Kremlin was using:
- «energetic weapon»;
- investitions in economics (buying of actives in these countries and tightening of the capital from these countries for investments in Russia (look **1);
- big infiltration by it's agentura of the governmental apparat of these countries and powerful criminal corruptional pressure on the governmental apparats and special services of these countries.
- strong propaganda and decay of the social opinion of the population of these countries with influence on election processes in these countries and going to the highest political points of influence in these countries...and many other.

**1 — because Kremlin is a «state-bandit», so creditors of Russia and obligors depends in the same way from Russia in all meanings...I.e. any financial link with Russia for sure turns into getting in dependance from Russia of both creditors and obligors!!! And any advertisment of investitions to Russia (or in dependant from Kremlin countries-sattelites of mafia KGB/FSB) — is a project of the mafia KGB/FSB by itself!!!:)

And now the answer on the question: does Kremlin have any border line of lawlessness and repressions till which it's ready to put down the people of Russia ???

There's no borders for fascistic authorities (which by destruction of people protects it's right on power) by amount of leading war and terror, i.e. fascistic power is destruction for power. At the same time, economics for fascistic state has absolutely other meaning — look at the North Korea. The main thing for fascistic state is military industry and force structures. And «doomed for destruction people» are meat for fascistic state. But in case of criminal fascists there's very important feature — their power is undevidable from taking profits by all possible for them means. They're principialy different from the idea revolutionists, nazi or islamists — they take power and convert it in money!!! And they spend money on strengthening of their power and receiving from it more big money. In fact, criminal fascism is the most profitable form of business (and trade with resources, weapon and drugs are only small parts of this business).

Also — political power of Kremlin is a trade by whole nations and countries with all their resources — it's a king of a GLOBAL CRIMINAL PROTECTION OF MAFIA KGB/FSB IN CONTROLLED BY IT STATES, and as the closest goal Kremlin has criminal protection of Eurasia (Eurasian Union). For example the last deal of the USA and Iran was done...under «the criminal protection of Kremlin».

The last succeed to stand on all it's interests and to «throuw» the world...(together with the USA). It was allowed to Kremlin to build in Iran it's atomic station in exchange on delivery of oil from Iran (through Kremlin — it's a wholesale buyer) and exactly that Kremlin will give to Iran weapons (including a system C-300). At the same time, deliveries of oil from Iran could make prices on energy go down — but it will not happen!!! Kremlin criminally protected this deal. I even don't understand — what were doing the USA in this deal???

By the way, «trade by the whole nations» is a wholesale operation...For example privatisation of «all peoples household» in 90th — it was a wholesale operation of the mafia KGB, and people were sold for vauchers.

But there're retail operations as well — it's individual repressions (we know many examples, like Khodorkovskiy, Chichvarkin, Polonski, etc.)
Important — in fascistic state execution of human rights is impossible — person (as well as whole nations) in fascistic state is only an item and can't have rights — by definition. Therefore we approach to new definition of fascism — it's a system of full destruction of human rights in the interests of the state which is governed by political military forces with maximal concentration of power and means of force.

B) In the quality of original information we have:
- heritage of the KGB USSR in the countries of the third world, on the Middle East, South America and in the EU. At the same time, today Kremlin actively use contacts of German Stasi — exactly Stasi made for KGB USSR the road to establishment of Western Europe;

- new technologies of criminal of FSB of Russia — new Russians (agents of FSB) in the countries of the West with huge actives of mafia FSB which were transported and put into acties on the West (for influence and lobbying of the interests of Kremlin). In fact all Russian investments on the West are shadow money of the mafia KGB/FSB, and Russian «businessmen-oligarchs» for 90% are nominal subjects of cashing of these money of FSB of Russia.

- tight criminal/political and military connections of the mafia FSB of Russia with the whole number of regimes and criminal half-dictatorships. Using these tools of influence Kremlin put authorities of these countries in corruptional dependance from Kremlin and hold them on throat. For example many countries head big obligations for USSR for delivering of weapon, technical help to the «brother regimes» and energy. These obligations were partly erased, partly converted in the property of the mafia KGB/FSB in these countries with corruption of the local elites and special services.

In fact, mafia KGB/FSB has stolen all international obligations to the former USSR from the side of other countries !!! At the same time, the biggest part of these money was used even before the privatisation by the mafia KGB of actives in Russia by itself.

Mafia KGB-FSB has not only stolen all these money!!! These money became a powerful international foundation of Kremlin's corruption in these countries and support of building of political monster of today — Fascistic Kremlin. Also — mafia KGB-FSB became absolute boss of all resources inside Russia and many of resources in other countries of the former USSR.

This is the purpose and absolute motive for strengthening of fascism of Kremlin — TO SAVE IT'S POWER AND GRABBED PROPERTY IN ALL COUNTRIES.
And what is Kremlin for it's regimes-partners and dependant on it countries of the EU?? Kremlin is a croupier at the card table in giving of political and criminal cards in IT'S OWN CARDS !!! And it's a powerful unifying centre between dictatorships and pseudo-democracies of various countries. In fact, mafia KGB/FSB is like a bad plant with powerful base and means of spreading — the base — it's mafias in the partner countries, and means of spreading — it's corruption and criminal resources.

How does look geopolitical picture in Europe in 2015 ???

- Bigger part of the EU is a good partner of Kremlin — therefore «chicken sanctions» were not executed and didn't ruin economics of Russia.

- Germany (as a flagman of the EU and birthplace of Stasi) maneuver tricky and plays to Kremlin influence in the EU. When the EU will be destroyed — it will automatically become a part of «The Eurasian KGB/FSB union».
Exactly for this work Jihad-terrorists in the EU — they bring to power pro-Putin's politicioans in the EU !!

Exactly for this sharpened ultra-nationalists and ultra-left — they torpedo liberal base of the EU. Both left and right ultras work in tight cooperation for the mafia KGB/FSB. This shaking of the EU will be done by hands of fifths columns in these countries and by frightened population of these countries.

To which extent does mafia FSB of Russia control force/economical and political jacks for repression of society and destruction of any social and political threats to it's regime ???
Mafia FSB controls taking of the most important decisions in the number of countries of the EU — by CRIMINAL MONEY and bonuses (which it pays to their agentura in the most important state offices of these countries) and by criminal terroristic pressure over political establishment and population of the countries of the EU. FEAR, TRICKS AND CORRUPTION — are the most important weapon of the mafia FSB of Russia !!!

C) Today we see — the world split on two camps: camp of the mafia FSB of Russia and of the USA. The last has to competite with the mafia of Kremlin for influence in the EU and in the Eastern countries. At the same time, the finance help of the USA is much smaller than giant criminal bonuses of the mafia FSB !!! (it's more profitable to grab). Exactly with this factor one can explain «successes of Kremlin» in international politics.
Today all people of all countries (who fight with dictatorships of their authorities or with aggression of Kremlin) have to fight from very unprotected positions.

- At the same time, sanctions in the EU can be rejected soon, and the price on oil is not safe thing and it depends on the war in the ergion (and Kremlin doesn't have problems with it — KGB is the main sponsor);

It's need to be done urgently:
- to detect and to investigate international criminal links of the mafia FSB of Russia;
- to state about the real status of Kremlin as a sponsor of terrorism, criminal and war;
- to make anti-corruptional investigation of the lobbiests of Kremlin all around the world;
- to block propaganda of Kremlin (and financing of this propaganda) in these countries;
- to give real military help to Ukraine and powerful political support to oppositional movements in Russia.

So who will really be able to resist agains the powerful imperialistic/fascistic expantion of Kremlin in the world?? Equal resistor is only the USA and people of all countries of the world. Aggression of the criminal fascism is directed exactly on us — on the people of these countries. However the USA committed many mistakes in resistance against Kremlin:

- Reunification of Germany was without real lustration of Stasi and finished with renessans of Stasi to the FRG of today and Europe;

- Operation in the USA in Irak finished with failure (in spite that the USA lost more than 4000 soldiers and officers). And today exactly Kremlin has big influence and in Irak and in ISIS;

- USA were the most important partner of Israel and an active player on the Middle East — today all region (including Israel — member of the Eurasian Union of Kremlin) went under Kremlin !!! Arab spring in Egypt and Lybia became failure for NATO and success for fascists of the mafia of Kremlin.

- Europe appeared to be under the boot of Kremlin, and NATO became a formal club of contemplators of aggression of Kremlin in the world. At the same time, NATO by itself can be splited by Kremlin in case of their false politics.

- Failure of the politics of the USA in Iran I described above...

- Reincarnation of fascists of KGB to the regime of Russia of today — also became a result of gross mistakes of the USA in the end of 80th — beginning of 90th (the West has slept the mafia KGB).

I.e. USA are the most important protectors of democracy in the world, but they are not able to resist to the criminal fascists of Kremlin.
So, what do we have — Cold war continues, and totalitarian red USSR was transformed into criminal fascistic Reich of Kremlin. So who is able today to protect rights and freedoms of citizens and people of Russia, of countries of the former USSR, Europe and the world ??? Only people of these countries by themselves !!! Only we by ourselves by our fight for human rights, for achievements of democratic reforms in Europe after the World War II will success to force corruptionists in the authorities of many countries to stop THEIR aggression on our rights and freedoms !!! Ony we will became an obstacle on the way of criminal fascism — only united MAIDAN in Russia, Europe and other regions which were attacked by Kremlin !!!

Exactly therefore corruptionists in various countries and their bosses in Kremlin invest huge money in fascistic/extremistic and totalitarian propaganda in order to devide us, to make collisions between us and to suppress our rights and our resistance !!!

Exactly therefore on the people of Europe and Russia are going ultra-nationalists, Islamists and left radicals — these fifth and sixth columns are created exactly by corrupted structures (under cover of Kremlin) in Europe for strengthening of criminal fascism in our countries, and Europe and Russia is covered by the way of terror and political murders.

Final conclusion: Corrupted regimes in dictator states and their agentura (and corruptionists in developed countries of the West) ATTACKED BY ALL MEANS the people of their countries — us.

Attacks with corruption, terror, political tricks and technologies of special services and propaganda became fact of new order of the world after ruin of the USSR and are continuation of the Cold war in new format. And the goals of this outrage became setting of new order in the world with degradation of human rights and achievments of society after the World War II.

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