Обзор текущих военных операций в мире и вооруженных конфликтов

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An increasing number of Israeli Arabs are choosing to fight for the Jewish state

KISUFIM, Israel (Reuters) - A battalion of soldiers crawls across the desert sand with assault rifles cocked. It's a routine exercise, but these are no ordinary troops - they are Arabs who have chosen to fight for the Jewish state.

 Yussef Saluta, 20, an Israeli Arab soldier from the Desert Reconnaissance battalion takes part in a drill near Kissufim in southern Israel November 29, 2016.

While the vast majority of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are Jews - and nearly all their conflicts have been against Arab nations - a trickle of Israeli Arabs volunteer for the army. 

Russian mercenaries are increasingly fighting and dying in Syria

 A portrait of Russian contractor Maxim Kolganov, who was killed in combat in Syria, is pictured on a grave in his hometown of Togliatti, Russia, September 29, 2016.

TOGLIATTI, Russia (Reuters) - The start of this year proved deadly for one unit of about 100 Russian fighters supporting President Bashar al-Assad's troops in northern Syria.

On Feb. 3, 38-year-old Maxim Kolganov was killed in a firefight with rebels near Aleppo when a bullet pierced his body armor and heart. Then, on March 9, the same unit came under shell-fire near Palmyra, and Sergei Morozov, also 38, was hit and died on the way to hospital. 

Back in southern Russia, medals were delivered to their families: the order of bravery, with certificates signed by President Vladimir Putin. The medals, seen by Reuters, were intended to honor the sacrifice they had made for their country.

Except Kolganov and Morozov were not employed by the Russian state. They were in Syria as private contractors, a small part of an army of such people who are being deployed secretly by the Kremlin in Syria.

Iraqi forces are ready to push into the streets of Mosul

 A tank of Iraqi security forces is seen during a battle with Islamic State militants in southeast of Mosul, Iraq, November 3, 2016.

Gogjali (Iraq) (AFP) - Elite Iraqi forces backed by artillery and air strikes pushed towards the streets of Mosul on Friday, battling die-hard jihadists defending the city where their "caliphate" was born.

At dawn, fighters from the Counter-Terrorism Service bristling with ammunition checked their weaponry and left Gogjali, the last village on the eastern outskirts of Mosul. 

Moments later, they were at a cemetery on the edge of the city controlled by the Islamic State group, and Iraqi forces were pounding the nearby Al-Karama neighbourhood with tank shells and gunfire.

Plumes of smoke billowed into the sky from tyres set alight by the jihadists in an attempt to provide cover from air strikes.

Russia has threatened to include Norway on a list of possible nuclear targets

A senior member of Russia’s defense and security committee told Russian TV that Norway has been added to the list of potential targets for a nuclear strike after Norway agreed to host 330 U.S. Marines for a rotational training deployment.

A prominent Russian separatist commander has been assassinated in Ukraine

Battalion commander of the separatist self-proclaimed Donetsk People's Republic Arseny Pavlov.

MOSCOW/KIEV (Reuters) - A prominent Russian separatist commander was assassinated in eastern Ukraine on Sunday evening, his allies said on Monday, accusing Ukrainian government forces of murdering him to try to destabilize an already fragile ceasefire.

Arseny Pavlov, a Russian national who went by the nom de guerre "Motorola", was blown up in the lift of his apartment building in Donetsk together with his bodyguard, according to Eduard Basurin, deputy defense minister in the government of the self-styled Donetsk People's Republic.

International investigation: The missile that struck flight MH17 was Russian-made

 NIEUWEGEIN, Netherlands (Reuters) - A Malaysian airliner shot down in eastern Ukraine was hit by a Russian-made Buk missile launched from a village held by rebels fighting Ukrainian government forces, international prosecutors said on Wednesday.

The findings challenge Moscow's suggestion that Malaysia Airlines flight 17, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur in July 2014, was brought down by the Ukrainian military. All 298 people on board, most of them Dutch citizens, were killed.

Israel's Iron Dome shoots down stray 'projectile' fired from Syria

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Israel's Iron Dome rocket defense system on Saturday shot down a stray "projectile" fired during fighting in Syria's civil war, Israel's military said.

There has been frequent spillover of fighting between the factions in Syria into the Israeli-controlled Golan Heights, but, according to Israeli media, this was the first time Iron Dome was activated to intercept the errant fire.

Here's who'd win in a dogfight between Russia's and the US's top fighter jets

The newly brokered cease-fire between the US and Russia has paved the way for military cooperation in fighting terrorist elements in Syria, seemingly closing the book on a window in time where Russian and US jets were flying close enough to each other to risk a potential clash between world powers.

But how does Russia's air force stack up against the US?
During Russia's stint in Syria, four of their latest and greatest Su-35 Flanker jets flew sorties just miles from the only operational fifth-generation fighter jet in the world, the US's F-22 Raptor.
Given the fundamental differences between these two top-tier fighter jets, we take a look at the technical specifications and find out which fighter would win in a head-to-head matchup.

This is what Aleppo is

Aleppo is one of Syria's largest cities and one of its most divided. For years, control of the city has been split between President Bashar Assad's forces and the rebels fighting his authoritarian regime.

The fighting has set off a large-scale humanitarian crisis as civilians are bombarded daily and areas are cut off from receiving aid.

 Gary Johnson, the Libertarian candidate for president of the United States, was roundly mocked on Thursday when he appeared not to know what Aleppo was during an interview on MSNBC's "Morning Joe." 

Putin failed to achieve his main goal at the G20 summit

One of the most significant things about the G20 summit was something that didn't happen.

Hangzhou didn't become Yalta. China didn't become Munich.

But Vladimir Putin sure wanted it to.

In fact, Russia's actions in and around Ukraine over the past month appear to have been, at least in part, a big psy-op in the run-up to the summit.

 Russian President Vladimir Putin sits before the start of the opening ceremony of the G20 Summit in Hangzhou.

Moscow ginned up a fake crisis in Crimea in August, accusing Ukraine of sending a team of agent saboteurs to the annexed peninsula to carry out terrorist acts.
Feigning outrage, the Kremlin then abruptly pulled out of planned four-party talks with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko, German Chancellor Angela Merkel, and French President Francois Hollande.

Palestinian leader Abbas was a KGB spy in the 1980s, Israeli researchers allege

JERUSALEM (Reuters) - Soviet-era documents show that Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas worked in the 1980s for the KGB, the now-defunct intelligence agency where Russian leader Vladimir Putin once served, Israeli researchers said on Thursday.

The Palestinian government denied that Abbas, who received a PhD in Moscow in 1982, had been a Soviet spy, and it accused Israel of "waging a smear campaign" aimed at derailing efforts to revive peace negotiations that collapsed in 2014. 

Poland just raised the stakes in a missile race between NATO and Russia

NATO and Russia are in a missile race, and Poland may have just raised the stakes.
The Polish government announced Tuesday that it would buy the U.S. Army’s Patriot air-and-missile defense system, a move widely seen as a response to Moscow’s upcoming deployment of nuclear-capable missiles to Kaliningrad on the Baltic Sea.

                                                                   A US Patriot missile system

Five other NATO countries already deploy the Patriot system — which can knock down missiles, drones, and small aircraft — but none are as far to the east as Poland, nor so close to Kaliningrad, a Russian exclave which is already bristling with missile systems and other advanced Russian military hardware.  

Ukraine says Russia has 40,000 troops amassed in Crimea with 'very bad intentions'

A build-up of Russian military on Ukraine's border with the Crimean region, which has been annexed by Moscow, could reflect "very bad intentions," Ukraine's U.N. envoy warned on Thursday after the U.N. Security Council discussed the growing tensions.

Ukrainian U.N. Ambassador Volodymyr Yelchenko, who requested the closed-door meeting of the 15-member council, said Russia had amassed more than 40,000 troops in Crimea, seized by Moscow in 2014, and on the Ukrainian border.

'Last doctors of Aleppo' write heartbreaking letter to Obama: 'We need action'

Aleppo, which has been beset by constant violence since 2012, and the site of unspeakable suffering from air strikes, ground fighting, and even chemical weapons attacks, has become a humanitarian nightmare.

 A man carries an injured man after what activists said was shelling from forces loyal to Syria's President Bashar al-Assad in Aleppo's Al-Mashad neighbourhood March 20, 2015.
A shortage of well-supplied hospitals has resulted in countless deaths that might have been prevented had the mortally wounded been able to seek medical treatment — a shortage of doctors, many of whom have either been killed or fled Aleppo since the fighting erupted, has made the situation even more dire.

Ukraine is on the verge of full-scale war

MARYINKA, Ukraine - Framed by a tiny cutout in the fortified bunker, this particular piece of no-man's land is tinted a blood-reddish orange by the setting summer sun.
It's hot as hell, and it's about to get hotter. When the sun goes down, the guns start blazing. And all that separates the men at their triggers is a grassy patch of land the size of a soccer field that is heavily mined. If you're a Ukrainian soldier here, you don't need binoculars to observe the enemy -- you just look in his direction.

 A Grad multiple rocket launcher system fires during a military exercise for Ukrainian army reservists at a shooting range near the village of Goncharivske in Chernihiv region, Ukraine, June 22, 2016

It starts with a single shot from a Kalashnikov: Ziiip. Then another: Ziiip. And three more: Ziiip. Ziiip. Ziiip. Each shot whizzes dangerously closer. In the time it takes to boil an egg, the situation escalates as the rifles are joined by .50-caliber machine guns, mortars, and rocket-propelled grenades that explode with hollow thuds against the earth or cottages where the soldiers eat and sleep, showering everything with shrapnel.
Within an hour, shells from howitzers and tanks -- and eventually surface-to-surface Grad missiles, whose name is Russian for "hail" -- begin pummeling the scarred steppe.

Детей Беслана убили не чеченцы, а русский спецназ

Резня детей русскими в Беслане произошла 1 сентября 2004 года, после того, как Путин отдал приказ начать бойню.

Варшавская Gazeta Wyborcza сообщает, что в европейском суде постановили, что Москва не предоставила существенных доказательств, которые бы подтвердили, что 344 детей в Беслане убили чеченские муджахиды, а не русские боевики из банды «ФСБ России».

ISIS is raising a new generation of terrorist fighters — and its system of indoctrination is 'unprecedented'

ISIS might be ceding territory in the Middle East, but it hasn't given up the battle for hearts and minds.

The terrorist group is playing a long game, working aggressively to indoctrinate children under its control to groom the next generation of jihadis in its image.

While other terrorist groups around the world have also used children, new reports reveal the unprecedented system ISIS has created to raise the next generation of terrorists.

German newspaper Der Spiegel talked to several children who explained how ISIS, also referred to as IS or the Islamic State, methodically brainwashes kids to ensure that even if its territory is wiped out, it'll still have a loyal band of followers keeping the group alive.

Pictures appear to show British special forces on the front lines in Syria

The first images of what appear to be British special forces operating on the ground in Syria have emerged, showing vehicles patrolling near the scene of an attack by Islamic State.
The pictures were taken in June and were first published by the BBC.

It is believed to be the first time British forces have been photographed operating inside Syria, where they are engaged in relatively small numbers in wide-ranging roles that include surveillance, advisory and combat.

There are more losers than winners in Syria

The battle for Aleppo has the Arab world, Middle East observers and Western policymakers on edge.
In what is likely a turning point in the long Syrian civil war, a coalition of opposition fighters is attempting to break Bashar al-Assad regime’s siege of the country’s commercial capital.

Meanwhile, the Syrian government – with Russian support – is bombing rebel strongholds in the city which is still home to 250,000 people, according to the BBC.

 A rebel fighter sits with his weapon in the artillery academy of Aleppo

Thanks to recent U.S. diplomatic overtures to deepen cooperation with Russia against the Islamic State, or IS, and al-Qaida affiliate Al-Nusra Front, the U.S. could be considered a partner in those airstrikes. The U.S. overtures have been criticized as strategically inconsistent and Putin-pleasing.

As a student of American policy in the Middle East, I’d argue that American efforts are key to the tumultuous trajectory of Syria’s uprising-turned-war.

What’s less clear to me is how much U.S. President Barack Obama’s approach prioritizes either the immediate needs of Syrians suffering from war and terrorism or their aspirations for self-liberation from authoritarian rule.

Will the Russians Try Another Land Grab in Ukraine?

The war in eastern Ukraine has lately resembled the anecdote about boiling a frog: the fighting has been slowly increasing in intensity, but the international community has thus far acted as if nothing was happening. Then, over the weekend, a car bomb went off wounding Igor Plotnitsky, the head of the so-called breakaway Luhansk People’s Republic, prompting Kyiv and the separatists to lob accusations at each other as to who was behind the attack. Nervous reports by Ukrainian officials that Russia was sending fresh tanks over the border into Donbas and massing troops on the crossing into Crimea had Ukraine-watchers fingering their panic buttons. Today, the Poroshenko Administration went as far as to announce it was putting its forces on high alert in anticipation of some kind of Russian attack. The frog looked set to leap out of the pot.

У России в Сирии начались серьезные потери

В российском сегменте Сети бытует древняя, но похоже — бессмертная сага о том, что оружие они лепят не «имеющее аналогов» и «серьезно опередившее», но вот часто оно попадает в неумелые руки.

Наиболее показательным является российское участие в сирийской войне. Здесь Россия воюет официально и не стесняется в применении всего вооружения, которое имеет, включая авиацию и тактические ракеты. Причем, авиация применяется всех типов, от фронтовой, до стратегической и плюс к этому – задействованы средства военно-морского флота.

Собственно, Алеппо может и в котле, но, какую не какую, а беспилотную зону повстанцы все же создали.

Russia: Edward Snowden Is A Russian Agent

The Kremlin have admitted that Edward Snowden is a Russian agent for the FSB – Russia’s domestic intelligence agency. 

Despite Snowden and his representatives repeatedly insisting that he is not a Russian spy, his relationship with the Kremlin has come under close scrutiny recently and has subsequently revealed his close ties and allegiance with the Russian security services.

"Лучший самолет для лучших летчиков" “АДИР” F-35 для ВВС Израиля

В ближайшее время первые два из 33 самолетов, приобретенных правительством для израильских ВВС, прибудут на базу Неватим , расположенную в Негеве. На авиабазе Неватим уже построен уникальный Центр подготовки, в котором израильские пилоты и авиатехники осваивают новый самолет. Центр подготовки включает в себя тренажеры для летных экипажей и первый в своем роде тренажер для авиатехников.  

Израиль стал первым государством, на вооружение которого поступает новейший американский самолет 5-го поколения F-35. Еврейское государство получит эти истребители раньше Канады, Великобритании и Нидерландов — стран, принимавших непосредственное участие в их разработке. Впрочем, Израиль тоже можно назвать одним из создателей F-35, так как на израильских предприятиях для него производятся крылья. 

Russia Warns Against US Strikes On Assad Government

Russia has warned against a call, made by officials in the US State Department, for strikes against the Syrian government.

The Kremlin said on Friday that Moscow is opposed to such military action and that it would plunge the entire region into complete chaos.

U.S. Navy Destroyer Will Stay In Black Sea Despite Russian Warning

 The United States is to maintain a maritime presence in the Black Sea to enhance security and deter Russian aggression, according to the U.S. Navy Secretary.

The guided-missile destroyer USS Porter entered the Black Sea this month despite warnings by Russia that it would undermine regional security.

Израиль вновь обошел хваленные С300 в Сирии

Израильские ВВС уничтожили склады вооружений ПВО на военной базе недалеко от г.Хомс. При этом даже не стали уничтожать установки ПВО, просто проигнорировав их. Средства ПВО Сирии просто не “увидели” израильских самолетов. Об этом сообщил близкий к режиму сирийский интернет-сайт "Аль-Васел". По его информации, объектом атаки стали склады с ракетами на базе ПВО правительственных войск. В результате авиаудара на месте произошла серия мощных взрывов. По сообщениям сирийских и ливанских СМИ, неделей ранее израильские ВВС также нанесли удары по району перевала аль-Каламун в Сирии. Согласно сообщениям, в этом авиаударе были убиты 13 солдат сирийской армии и бойцов “Хизбаллы” и десятки получили ранения.

Putin Warns Turkey: Leave Syria The Hell Alone

 Brave Vladimir Putin told a delegation from the Ukrainian Orthodox Church that if Turkey does not stop funding and supporting ISIS in Syria, he will "bring Christianity back to Istanbul."

Rimon Training in the Jordan Valley

Soldiers from the elite Rimon Battalion, part of the Commando Brigade participated in an all night exercise in the Jordan Valley.

Nahal Brigade's Commanders Exercise

In this exercise held on February 2016 at the Golan Heights, commanders in the Nahal Brigade joined forces with the Armored Corps and the Combat Engineering Corps to test their collaboration. Drones, combat helicopters and dogs from the Oketz Canine Unit all took part in the multi-faceted drill.

Russia's Eurovision butthurt.

Russian officials and Kremlin-friendly media offered up a string of conspiracy theories to explain the win of Crimean Tatar singer Jamala, whose song “1944” was largely seen as a jab at the Kremlin.

Logic of the politics of Kremlin and when will fall the regime of FSB-fascists?? Or escalation of Cold War and total degradation

  Logic of the politics of Kremlin and when will fall the regime of FSB-fascists?? Or escalation of Cold War and total degradation of human rights in the world.

This question is devided on sub-questions:

1) How Kremlin can so illogically destroy by the war economics of Russia ??

2) When will fall the fashistic regime of FSB (Russian special service) in Russia??

3) When Putin will stand in the Criminal Tribunal (for example in the ICC in Den Haag) or will be ruined by the tired people of Russia ??
These questions are necessary to write in correct form:

День Победы в России и день памяти павших в войнах Израиля. Всего один день, а какая большая разница.

Так совпало, что в этом году всего один день разделяет празднование дня Победы в России (именно празднование, а не поминовение) и день памяти павших в войнах Израиля.

 Всего один день, а какая большая разница.

White House Spokesman Melts Down Over Iran Lies

How panicked is the White House over the Ben Rhodes revelations on Iran?
Josh Earnest, who is usually hard to ruffle, went off on an unhinged rant against Republicans after being asked whether Rhodes would testify.

The IDF as you've never seen it before

WATCH: IDF special forces units are some of the best in the world and are prepared to defend Israel against any and all threats; Watch as these elite soldiers train to keep Israel and all her citizens safe. 

Occasionally, foreign media outlets publish reports of a mysterious explosion that occurred in a neighboring country, the elimination of a terrorist organization's senior leader, a convoy of trucks going up in flames. This is just the tip of the iceberg of a secret operational world which operates almost every night in different locations.  

The ups and downs of the relationship between Russia and Israel in the Middle East.

Russia and Israel have a long history of diplomatic and military collaboration in the Middle East, dating back to the Arab-Israeli war of 1948, when Israel’s triumph over its neighbors was largely attributable to Moscow’s military support. Following the Arab-Israeli war of 1967, Israel established itself as a key U.S. ally, as the Soviet Union partnered with a host of Arab nations — most importantly, Syria. Yet, despite their history of having been on opposite sides for much of the Cold War, since the Soviet Union collapsed, the Russian Federation has pursued an increasingly pragmatic foreign policy with Israel.

Ukraine deployed more troops of National Guard in Odessa

Ukraine deployed more troops of National Guard   in  Odessa. 400 servicemen of the National Guard of Ukraine in Odessa will ensure law and order.

The Israeli army's new technologies and methods for combatting the terror group.

As Israel nears its 68th year of independence, Israelis can take pride in the fact that they have much to celebrate. Unemployment is low and standards of living are comparable to those of affluent Western nations. Israel’s citizens have transformed a semi-arid land into an oasis. Its innovative and resourceful people have turned the nation into a technology giant. Water shortages that plagued the nation during its formative years are now a thing of the past thanks to cost-effective desalinization plants and other innovative water technologies.

Israel maintains a highly developed and modern infrastructure and its formidable military continuously ranks among the most powerful. Recent natural gas finds off Israel’s coast have instantly transformed the Jewish State into a major energy player with various nations eager to sign deals and form partnerships. When natural disasters strike distant countries, Israeli rescue and medical personnel are among the first on the scene and are world renowned for their efficiency and effectiveness. 

Ukraine modernizes BMP-2 infantry fighting vehicles for the Indian Army

UKROBORONPROM enterprise SE “SpetsTehnoEksport” and Indian company “Reliance Defence Limited” signed the memorandum on joint participation in BMP-2 modernization for the Indian Army.

Cooperation primarily relates to the manufacture and supply of components and systems for improving BMP mobility, modernization of sighting and fire control systems. Indian park of different BMP-2 versions consists of about 2000 vehicles. Most of them require modernization and combat characteristics improviement.

Exercise Noble Partner 16 kicks off in Georgia

Exercise Noble Partner 16 kicked off, May 11, beginning the 14-day training featuring Soldiers assigned to 3rd Infantry Division, paratroopers assigned to the 173rd Airborne Brigade, Georgian Soldiers assigned to 4th Armor Brigade and Soldiers from the United Kingdom 3rd Rifles.

“We are happy to host you in Georgia and to be part of the noble partnership,” said Georgian President Giorgi Margvelashvili at the opening ceremony. “You are standing on the land which was protected by my ancestors for centuries. You are standing together with men and women from the Georgian Army who are defending our staple, our nation, on battlefields across the world.”

The pilots of the US Air Force and the Israeli Air Force are the best in the world

The pilots of the US Air Force and the Israeli Air Force are the best in the world- and have a lot to learn from one another.
In another example of the unshakeable Israel-US alliance, a joint training exercise was held aimed at preparing pilots for the ever-changing realities in the Middle East.

The Iron Dome, an initiative of American and Israeli ingenuity

The Iron Dome, an initiative of American and Israeli ingenuity, has protected the Israeli people from rocket fire. Researchers now find its importance goes far deeper.

Двухствольная автоматическая винтовка (автомат) Gilboa Snake (Израиль)

Двухствольная автоматическая винтовка (штурмовая винтовка, автомат) Gilboa Snake разработана в Израиле компанией Silver Shadow. Конструктором этого оружия стал Амос Голан, до того получивший известность как создатель системы Cornershot. Основной идеей при создании винтовки Gilboa Snake стало повышение вероятности поражения противника в условиях жестко ограниченного времени на открытие огня за счет попадания в цель сразу двух пуль. Эта концепция далеко не нова, и испытывалась в рамках программы SPIW (США, 1950-60 годы); аналогичный по концепции, но трехствольный автомат «3Б» конструкции Коробова испытывался и в СССР, однако до сих пор ни один из образцов многоствольных автоматов в серии не выпускался.

Commando Brigade Training

The elite Commando Brigade completed its first ever brigade wide training in central Israel last week. The exercise tested the new brigades abilities in both urban and open field scenarios.

Штурмовая винтовка (автомат) IMI Galil (Израиль)

Опыт "Шестидневной" Арабо-Израильской войны 1967 года показал, что состоящие на вооружении Сил  Израиля  винтовки FN FAL калибра 7.62мм НАТО заметно уступают использовавшимся арабами автоматам Калашникова АК-47 и АКМ как по надежности в условиях пустынной местности (мелкая пыль и песок), так и по маневренным характеристикам в ближнем бою. 

В результате в Израиле было принято решение по разработке новой штурмовой винтовки под американский патрон 5.56х45мм М193, более приспособленной к местным условиям, чем FAL. К 1969 году первые прототипы винтовок, разработанных конструкторами Узиэлем Галом (Uziel Gal, создатель ПП УЗИ),и Израэлем Галили (Israel Galili) были представлены на испытания. В результате в1973 году на вооружение  была принята винтовка конструкции Израэля Галили, разработанная на государственном оружейном предприятии Israel Military Industries (IMI). 

Стратегическое сотрудничество : Азербайджан - Израиль

Дипломатические отношения, которые установил Азербайджан, получивший независимость  с развалом  покойного СССР, с  Израилем представляют важность во многих отношениях.  Несмотря на то, что история культурных связей между Баку и Телль-Авивом достаточно давняя, срок установления дипломатических отношений насчитывает более 20 лет.

Принято считать, что Азербайджан является одним из наиболее древних мест проживания евреев. То, что самая большая синагога в Европе расположена в Баку.

Израиль и Азербайджан связывают крепкие взаимосвязи - Израиль является одним из важнейших поставщиком вооружений для Азербайджана, а азербайджанская нефть почти полностью удовлетворяет израильские потребности в этом сырье.

                                                HАROP - израильский ударный дрон

 Азербайджан - пример мусульманской страны, успешно развивающей сотрудничество с Израилем, вопреки давлению Ирана.

Свидетельством тесного сотрудничества Израиля и Азербайджана в военном деле стали применение азербайджанской армией израильского ударного беспилотника Harop в боях в Карабахе апреля 2016 года. Читать статью - ( HАROP - израильский ударный дрон)

Современный арабский терроризм под руководством Кремля


17 февраля 2016года, в центре турецкой столицы недалеко от штаб-квартиры вооруженных сил прогремел мощный взрыв. В результате 28 человек погибли на месте, 61 получил ранения.
Кто не понял, тот поймет: 22 из 28 жертв теракта в Анкаре — пилоты 

По горячим следам были задержаны 9 подозреваемых. Позже выяснилось, что непосредственным исполнителем теракта являлся гражданин Сирии Салах Накар, проникший на территорию страны под видом беженца.

Зная историю КГБ и терроризма, понятно как через мировой терроризм КГБ пыталось дестабилизировать обстановки в западных странах.

Iron Beam - лазерное "дополнение" к системе Iron Dome

На выставке военных технологий Military & Defence Exhibition, проходившей  в Южной Корее, известная израильская оборонная компания Rafael произвела демонстрацию созданной ими лазерной системы Iron Beam, предназначенной для защиты от вражеских ракет, артиллерийских снарядов и беспилотных летательных аппаратов. В настоящее время система Iron Beam еще не развернута, но она обладает огромным потенциалом для того, чтобы стать весомым дополнением, а то и полной заменой существующей израильской системе противоракетной обороны под названием Iron Dome. Более того, система Iron Beam может выступать в качестве автономной системы и если она получит широкое распространение, то это станет знаком, что лазеры являются лучшим средством защиты от ракет и беспилотников на сегодняшний день.

Paratroopers Battalion Exercise

The 202nd Paratroopers Battalion completed an intense week of training with the Armored Corps and a Helicopter Squadron to strengthen cooperation between the units. 

Россия: ХАМАС и Хезбалла наши лучшие союзники

 Заместитель министра иностранных дел Российской федерации, Геннадий Гатилов, заявил  новостному агентству «Интерфакс», что Россия не намерена не только определять «палестинскую» организацию «Исламское движение сопротивления ХАМАС» и ливанскую шиитскую организацию «Хезбалла», как террористические, но и не намерена даже взвешивать подобное решение.Так как считают их своими союзниками .Источник

                                                       Боевики Хезболлы
Союзник России исламская террорстическая группировка Хизболла с глубоким прискорбием сообщила о гибели одного из своих главарей Самира Кунтара.

По данным контролируемой «Хизбаллой» медиасети «Аль-Манар», два самолета ВВС Израиля проникли в воздушное пространство Сирии, приблизились к Дамаску, где выпустили по две ракеты в 6-этажное здание, в котором находился Кунтар.
В свою очередь издание «Аль-Ахбария», близкое к сирийским властям, пишет, что здание полностью разрушено. Среди прочих, здесь погиб полевой командир Организации народного сопротивления Сирии на Голанах Фархан Асия Шаалан.